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Transport in Serbia


When you decided to visit Serbia because of the business trip or a holiday, getting to desired destination should be the easy part. If you want to travel by plain, train, bus, car or prefer to rent-a-car, transfer or cab, has arrange all additional services and conveniences!

To make a reservation or to buy flight ticket, you can simply go to our flight booking page and do this in just couple easy steps. The largest commercial airport Nikola Tesla is located just 20km from Belgrade city center and 100km from Novi Sad. Besides this airport there are couple small airports for air traveling inside the country. Our domestic airliner JAT Airways is flying to and from one of the largest European airports but to other continents as well. Also there are numerous number of world largest flight companies flying to Belgrade and connecting this destination with whole world.

After you have bought the flight ticket, we recommend you to make a transfer reservation. Our company can drive you precise, safe and secure to any desired location inside or outside the country. You can choose between couple of offers depending on type of vehicle, number of passengers, duration and distance. Just go to our Serbia transfer page, choose appropriate transportation and send the request by e-mail .

If you prefer to drive by yourself the best solution is to hire a car. Just go to our rent-a-car page and you can trust our selection of the best car rental companies for every larger city. You can even pick up a car in one town and left them in the other one, or even in another country. The best solution then is to choose one of our fly & drive programs.

If you don’t want to change your location often, maybe the best thing is to call a taxi or make a reservation in advance if you have scheduled to catch. Our team has made a choice of taxi companies in every city that provides the best quality services.

Trains are cheaper but the slowest way to travel. Between cities and towns bus tickets for 100km are app. 10 euros. Public buses or trams are also very cheap, only 0.5 or 1 euro for a ride.

For traveling by your own car, you should know that the infrastructure is well developed. Highways, gas stations, drugstores, markets, restaurants or even LGP pumps are almost everywhere. Road taxes are between 3 and 7 euros. If you have a little time to spare we are recommending one of our self-drive tours.

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