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Shopping Stores in Serbia


serbia girls shoppingShopping has been rapidly developing in Serbia after democratic changes in 2000 th. Growth of domestic and foreign capital and investments influenced on economy and market prosper. Big shopping centers has begun to appear, after ten years of crisis and black market. Now you can shop everywhere in Serbia using credit cards or cash. Currency in Serbia is RSD but there are exchange offices on almost every corner. Because of the low prices and developed market, shopping in Serbia can be fun.

serbia souvenirsNumber of Belgrade shopping stores are countless. Belgrade is the most developed city in Serbia. That’s why Belgrade market is the biggest comparatively to vast number of inhabitants, over two millions. But we will mentioned just a couple of them that can be very important for everyone. In Belgrade you can find almost everything: from cars or boats, fashion clothing’s, books or souvenirs. We will start our Belgrade shops list with the couple souvenirs stores, tourist guides and book stores, Serbian music CDs or DVD movies, and end with the big and popular shopping centers where you can find almost everything or have a good time.

green market serbiaThe first place you should visit is Knez Mihailova Street or some other famous places in the center like Terazije, Zeleni Venac or Cumicevo Sokace. Here you can find every world wide known brand name like Hugo Boss, Zara, Mango, Benetton, Diesel and many more. Prices are little higher but the choice is the biggest. If you are in the mood to keep your wallet thick, maybe you should visit some shopping stores usually located in the New Belgrade.

shopping mallFor the cheapest shopping you can visit Belgrade flea market also located in Novi Beograd or China town shopping mall at the Blok 70. If you want to buy something on this two places be considered that you can barging lowering down the sellers' first offer. For shopping cheap women's and men's clothing, you may have a look at Depo in Kralja Aleksandra Street. Souvenirs are something that’s usually the most important thins to buy for every tourist. Handiworks, icons or famous brandy called rakia is definitely the most common things, so we have prepared the appropriate list.

slatko strowberryNovi Sad shops, Nis shops, Subotica shops, Cacak shops or Kragujevac shops are quite similar like in the every major city and there you can buy souvenirs in the small shops authentic for each region, go on the flea markets or visit some of the biggest shopping centers. Zlatibor shops are quite different. Because this places are mostly winter and summer tourist resorts, souvenirs and sport equipment are usually common thing to buy.

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