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Regions & Cities Guide


Republic of Serbia is constituted of six regions, very different among themselves by it's geografical, climatic, ethnografic, cultural and other characteristics. Just click on the region or city map if you want to see it larger or to choose between available hotels, motels, apartments or other accommodation offers.

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Vojvodina province on the north is located in the center of Pannonian Plane. Fertile land, demographic diverse with calm and friendly people, traditional customs, tambourine music and spicey cuisine. Novi Sad is political and cultural center of Vojvodina, offten caled ''the Serbia Atheens''. Fruska Gora mountain lieing just neerby Danube river is well known by sixteen orthodox monasteries from XVI century. Subotica, Vrsac, Sremska Mitrovica are just some of the well developed cities in this rich region.

Belgrade region is the most developed industrial, cultural, sienthific and educational center of the country, with around 2 million inhabitans. This capital city of Serbia located on the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers has the most important strategic position in the Balkans. Places like Kalemegdan Fortress, Temple of St. Sava, Skadarlija bohemian quart, Ada Ciganlija beach or Zemun town are just some of many very well visited places by tourist from all around the world. Galleries, churches, buildings, museums, restaurants, clubs, bars and the most important for every tourist, pleasant and friendly people, are vaiting for you.

Western Serbia is the highest and the most beautiful part of the country. Starting with fertile plains and lower mountains on the east, landscape rises up higher peaks of Tara, Zlatibor and Zlatar mountains with dents forests and diverse wildlife. Cacak, Uzice or Valjevo cities, spas and gorges like Ovcar-Kablar or etno vilages like Sirogojno, Mecavnik or Terzica Avlija are just some of the sites that we can recomend for nature lovers or passing by visitors.

Eastern Serbia well known by natural beauties like Djerdap Gorge, man made wonders like Golubac fortress, Lepenski Vir, Viminacium, Gamzigrad, Table of Trajan and Bridge, Smederevo, Zajecar or Pozarevac cities or Kladovo and Silver Lake summer resorts, has so much to offer for family holiday or true nature admirers.

''Sumadija'' region, which means wood land on the local language because of the forests density, is located in central Serbia. Small hills on the east and big mountains on the west are intersected with Morava and Ibar river valleys. Diversity of plant and animal species, authentic countyside, monasteries and churches, historical sites like Topola and Oplenac, big cities like Kragujevac or Kraljevo, mideval trown-town of Krusevac or famoust Vrnjci Spa can also be very interesting. You simply can not pass trough Sumadija and don't taste wold famoust Serbian fruit bandy know as Rakia, or some famoust brends like Zuta Osa (Yellow Wosp) or Stara Sokolova (Old Falcon's).

Southern Serbia is also known by it's beautiful nature, rich history, culture and diversity of ethnic groups. Suva planina, Stara planina, Babin Zub or Kopaonik mountains and ski resorts, river vallyes of South Morava and Nisava, Vlasina Lake or Sicevo gorge are true preserved habitats for large number of plant and animal species, some authentic like Panciceva omorika. The largest settlement in southern Serbia is city of Nis, also known as Naissus in the ancient times. Just near downtown in important archeological site Mediana, Roman Emperor Constantine the Grate was born. Other sites like Scull Tower and Stambol Gate from the Ottoman Empire or Red Cross Camp from the Second World War can also bee intersting atractions for tourist.


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