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Accommodation in Serbia


hotel keyIf you are traveling to Serbia and thinking where to stay, travel portal is definitely the best site where you can chose the right accommodation. What you see on this web page is the largest list of all available recommended hotels, motels, apartments and hostels in Serbia at one place. If you are interested in short description, just click on desired accommodation provider, city or region. Start with hotels in Belgrade our capital city. If you like polite people and flat land Vojvodina is the best place for you, where you can chose Novi Sad hotels or Palic Lake hotels. For true enthusiast and nature lovers we suggest to go south from Belgrade and visit and stay in beautiful places where you can choose betwen various types of accommodation in Central, Eastern, Western or Southern Serbia .

If you want to choose destination and desired dates of arrival and departure to see available accommodation, the best way is to imput data in booking search engine on this page or on the right side of every page on this travel portal

Our accommodation recommendation for this month in Serbia is Vila Jelena in Belgrade !

Belgrade Accommodation

Top End Belgrade hotels - Hotel Hyatt Regency Belgrade , Hotel Townhouse 27, Hotel Zlatnik , Hotel Life Design , Hotel In , Villa Jelena , Hotel Admiral Club , Hotel Aleksandar Palas, Hotel Balkan , Hotel Moskva , Hotel Best Western Sumadija , Hotel Continental Belgrade , Hotel Holiday Inn , Hotel Evropa
Mid range Belgrade hotels - Hotel Zira , Hotel Excelsior , Hotel Le Petit Piaf , Hotel Mr President , Hotel Crystal , City Code Hotel , Villa Belvedere , Traveling Actor , Slavija Lux , Hotel Prag , Hotel President Belgrade Kovilovo , Hotel Prestige
Budget hotels in Belgrade - Euro Garni Hotel , Bg City Hotel , Balkan Garni Hotel , Hotel Oasis , Hotel Rex , Hotel Srbija , Hotel Union , Hotel Elegance , Hotel Kasina , Hotel N , Hotel Park Belgrade , Hotel Orasac , Hotel Nacional
Belgrade apartments - Villa Marija , Villa Kalemegdan , Smart Apartments , MBM Senjak Apartments, Botanique apartment
Belgrade hostels - Hostel 360 , Hostel Jasmin , Hostel Fair , Hostel City , Hostel Madness , Hostel Tash In , Hostel Centar , Hostel Arka Barka , Yachting Club Kej

Novi Sad Accommodation

Top End & Mid Range hotels in Novi Sad - hotel Gymnas Novi Sad , hotel Zenit Novi Sad , hotel Novi Sad , hotel Aleksandar Novi Sad , hotel Aurora Novi Sad , hotel Panorama Novi Sad , hotel Mediteraneo Novi Sad , hotel Leopold I , hotel Vigor Novi Sad , hotel Prezident Novi Sad , hotel Elite Novi Sad
Budget hotels & apartments in Novi Sad - hotel Bonaca Novi Sad , hotel Vojvodina Novi Sad , hotel Dunav Sremski Karlovci , hotel Sajam Novi Sad , hotel Duga Novi Sad , hotel Planeta Inn Novi Sad , Salaš 137 Cenej , hotel Norcev Iriski Venac , hotel Garni Rimski Petrovaradin , hotel Sveti Georgije Petrovaradin , Car-Royal Apartmani Novi Sad , Acenter Birotel , hotel Fontana Novi Sad

Palic & Subotica Accommodation

Top End & Mid Range hotels in Palic & Subotica - hotel Prezident Palić , hotel Park Palić , hotel Jezero Palic , vila Lujza , vila Milord , vila Lago , hotel Galerija Subotica , Gloria Lux hotel & spa Subotica , hotel Patria Subotica , hotel PBG Subotica

Budget hotels & apartments in Palic & Subotica - Brvnara guest house , hostel Incognito Subotica , Cvetni Salas , vila Lira , Vinski Dvor , vila Majur , vila Royal Crown Subotica , vila Nikolas , hotel Palicka Kruna , vila Aleksandar

Western Serbia Accommodation

CMC Club Satelit Zlatibor, Vila Panorama Zlatibor , GP Konak Zlatibor , Hotel President Zlatibor , Hotel Mona Zlatibor , Zunic Apartments Zlatibor , Hotel Tomba Zlatibor , Hotel Novakov Dvor Zlatibor , Villa Leka Zlatibor , Villa Mina Zlatibor , Villa Stakic Zlatibor , Villa Romantika Zlatibor , Hotel Zlatibor Uzice , Vajati Porodice Radicevic Guca , Hotel Park Ivanjica .

Central Serbia Accommodation

Hotel Zelengora Kragujevac , Hotel Sumarice Kragujevac , Hotel Zeneva Kragujevac , Hotel Aveny Cacak , SC Kolos Cacak , Hotel Botika Kraljevo , Hotel Golf Krusevac , Hotel In Vrnjci Spa , Hotel Aleksandar Vrnjci Spa , Hotel Breza Vrnjci Spa , Villa Pobeda Vrnjci Spa , Villa Garden Vrnjci Spa , Villa Lux Vrnjci Spa , Apartments Beli Bor Vrnjci Spa .

Eastern Serbia Accommodation

Hotel Aquastar Danube Kladovo , Hotel Djerdap Kladovo , Hotel Albo Bor , Hotel Tis Zajecar , Villa Deluxe Negotin , Motel Rtanj Boljevac , Villa Katarina Knjazevac .

Southern Serbia Accommodation

Hotel My Place Best Western Nis , Hotel Ambasador Nis , Hotel Panorama Lux Nis , Motel Nais Nis , Hotel Ozren Niska Spa , Hotel Tadz Novi Pazar , Hotel Oxa Novi Pazar .
Kopaonik hotels - Jolly Kop Hotel Kopaonik , Hotel Angella Kopaonik , Hotel Vila Nikola Kopaonik , Hotel Grand Kopaonik , Hotel Club A Kopaonik , Hotel Putnik Kopaonik , Villa Rankovic , Villa Radigost Kopaonik Brzece ,


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