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Restaurants & Hospitality in Serbia


serbia restaurantsUnique Serbian food and hospitality of people is well known and the words will never describe them enough! Depending of wealth of the regions, tradition and customs of more than twenty five multiethnic groups, food can also be different. The way of preparing, serving and enjoying in food is something that Serbian people can be proud of. Great influence on Serbian original culture and customs during the past centuries, had the Austro-Hungarians on the north and Orientals in the south. That is the main reasons why the Serbia cuisine is rich with delicious flavors.

Belgrade restaurantsBelgrade restaurants can satisfied all the hedonists who likes traditional Serbian and international cuisine as well. Belgrade is the biggest city that has the tastes of all cuisines! Exquisite international restaurants, traditional Serbian ethno houses and taverns, oriental and fish restaurants in Belgrade on the rafts and boats, Vojvodina or Hungarian cuisine, or even Greek, Chinese, Japanese or Indian food.

Vojvodina restaurantsVojvodina is the northern Serbian province with the greatest influence from the Hungarians, Germans, Russians and other ethnic groups. Visit some of the Palic restaurants or Novi Sad restaurants where you can try traditional Vojvodinian cuisine. Plenty of meat, fish, vegetables and spices are common in preparing the food in this region. Fish soup, gylas, kulen or bermet wine are part or cuisine in this rich region.

Zlatibor restaurantsIf you are traveling west, we are certainly recommending you to spend some time in the highlands. For true lovers of original and traditional Serbian food, cuisine this part of the country will give the most pleasure to your senses. Choose the suitable place from our list of Kragujevac restaurants, Cacak restaurants or Zlatibor restaurants and you will taste the high end of Serbian hospitality. Kajmak, prsut, gibanica, kacamak and of couse the best rakia are just some of the specialities in this region.

Nis restaurantsSouth of the country is known by the influence of Oriental customs and culture. This also effected on the cuisine which is a true mixture of traditional Serbian and recipes from the east. If you want to try the best food in this region, try one of the best Nis restaurants which will give you pleasure of taste, hospitality, cheerful atmosphere and great oriental music!


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