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Gucha Festival


Guca (Gucha) festival is the biggest trumpet festival in the world. In the small village of Guca near Cacak city, this unique trumpet festival is held annualy since 1961. Trumpet music is a tradition in Western Serbia and it can be usually heared on weddings, slavas, birthdays, baptisms or other celebrations. Much different than calm tambourine music in Vojvodina, trumpet music is much faster and louder evoking happiness and euphoric feelings. Arround half a million visitors from all around the world is coming to this small village festival every august, just to hear the sound of music performed by the best trumpet players, singers and other musicians like Goran Bregovic, Boban Markovic, Fejat Sejdic and many others. For almost everyone who has ever been in Guca, this is the best party in the world and that's the main reason why the number of visitors is increasing every year.

Watch videos of Guca festival !

- - Goran Bregovic- - - -- - - - Streets of Guca - - - - -- - - - Midnight Concert- - - - - - Guca Street Parade

goran bregovic- - - guca- - - -guca concert - - guca street

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