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Frequently Asked Questions


Is booking of accommodation through safe?

Dar customer, thank you for using our accommodation reservation system. Trough cooperation and affiliate partnership with VisitSerbia, the first on-line booking system in Serbia, has enabled you to make on-line booking of accommodation in over than 200 hotels, motels, apartments, guest houses, hostels and camps in Serbia. The reservation engine is developed and guaranteed by our partner which guarantee encryption of your secure information's so your privacy is fully guaranteed !


Are the accommodation prices per person or per room?

Accommodation prices are always for room per night. According to the chosen date and number of persons in the room, or number and type of room, system will automatically calculate the prices and it world enable you to do the safe booking.


Are the room prices guaranteed for every reservation?

For all on-line hotels, prices are guaranteed. However, in our reservation system other accommodations are offered but to make a reservation you need to await for confirmation, so it could happen that the price will change, but it is usually just a little bit.


Is the confirmation of reservation that I have received on my e-mail enough? Can I be sure that the hotel is notified?

Yes. Confirmation e-mail has been sent to your e-mail automatically, and you just need to print it and go to the hotel that you have booked. The reservation procedure is based on contract between our partner VisitSerbia and all hotels in Serbia. However, if there are any misunderstandings, please be kind to call us, so we can sort out the problem for you immediately. Emergency line of our partner during working hours are +381 21 4724-088 or +381 21 6624-823 and after working hours 24/7 is: +381 64 610-1380


Where should I pay for the room I have booked?

Generally there are two ways of booking and they are depending on the policy of hotel. For standard (free) type of reservation you don't need to pay in advance, which means that you'll pay on the reception desk in hotel. The other way, guaranteed type is more secure for the hotel and to make this reservation you'll need to leave number of your credit card as a guarantee in case of no-show or late cancellation. Hotel will check your paying ability, but it won't charge any costs if you cancel on time. The system is using the latest encryption technology (SSL) to transfer your credit card details.


Which rent-a-car companies, restaurants, cafes or shopping stores does the Serbia-Hotel recommends?

Our best recommendations for rent-a-car, restaurants, cafes or shopping stores are shown in every category page and there are usually sorted from top towards bottom. The best choices are usually on the top of every page, with lot of details, descriptions and very eye catching. But there might be some offers below that's also can be interesting.

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