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Cafes & Clubbing in Serbia


Belgrade night clubNigh life and places to go out are something that never lack. has collected the list of the best cafes, bars, night clubs, discotheques, pubs, casinos, jazz or striptease bars offering different programs, music, ambient and atmosphere. Just choose suitable place according to your location, taste and age and we guarantee that you will spend a magnificent evening like nowhere else. After just one furious weekend the only thing you will thinking of is how much more days to the next one.

belgrade nightlifeBelgrade nightlife is something special. Large number of various cafes, bars, night clubs, raft bars and discotheques, excellent music performed by talented and famous foreign and domestic DJ’s, pop, rock, jazz, folk and turbo folk musicians, dancers, well trained staff, professional bartenders and the prettiest girls that can only be seen during small hours. Beside all, Belgrade is the most proud of it’s rich nightlife. If you are visiting Belgrade by day, there’s the whole new city waiting after midnight. Don’t hesitate to discover why the Belgrade has en epithet of European Nightlife Capital. Are you feeling sleepy? Well, you should sleep tomorrow, because the Belgrade true sensations are out there waiting! In Belgrade you don’t have to worry when the next weekend will start, because every day is a good excuse for party!

novi sad party girlNovi Sad nightlife is also something special in this northern Serbian capital. Atmosphere in clubs, bars, discotheques or traditional taverns and wine cellars is almost the same like in Belgrade. Bar culture, pleasant people, maybe even prettier girls are something that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Small Laze Teleckog street in the city center has become a true bohemian street with more than twenty café bars. Streets of Zmaj Jova, Dunavska or Modena are also popular places and pedestrian areas, but you should not forget famous night clubs on Petrovaradin fortress, Spens or Ribarac island.

belgrade raft barIf you are staying in Palic you’ll certainly be interested in Subotica nightlife. This large city located just a few kilometers from this famous Lake Resort, is also the closest to Hungarian border. Well known by it’s cafes, bars, night clubs, discotheques and parties Subotica can be the ideal place to go out. International DJ’s playing mostly house, mainstream, techno and r’n’b’ on one side and domestic pop, rock or folk musicians are performing music of different genres for almost every taste or occasion.

nis discothequeOther large cities in central and southern Serbia are also well known by its vivid and exciting nigh life. People are very cheerful and almost always ready to party. Clubs in Cacak or nightlife in Nis or Kragujevac are pages with places to hang out that we are recommended. Turbo folk or mixture of folk and house music is typical for majority of clubs, but of course there are the mainstream house, r’n’b’ or techno nightclubs and discotheques as well.

Zlatibor nightlife is quite unique. This mountain resort is certainly the most famous, the biggest, the most visited and the best place for your winter holiday. In the summer and especially during the winter months nightlife on the mountain is something that you’ll never forget. After whole day enjoying in nature, fresh air and sport activities the best way to spend the night is in several night clubs and discotheques. Music genres and atmosphere are different but if you choose the place according to your taste, you will surely spend incredible time.

The great advantage of entire country is that you can go and feel safe basically anywhere at any time! If you want to discover Serbia, the nighlife is definitely one the most important ingredients !


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